Note from the Founder


Heyyyyy Noirettes! My name is Keesha and I am the owner and designer at Born Noir Nails. This company is simply a manifestation of my intention to be creative, to inspire, to advocate and to celebrate life! I step humbly into the world of nails, with a great passion for all things art and design and a mission to inspire love and justice. 

Born Noir (meaning Born Black) is my response to the pervasive, worldwide issue of anti-Blackness and an amplification of my voice encouraging self care and self love for ALL. We believe self care and nail care are genderless and necessary. I intend to create safe spaces and healing venues for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folx and allies. When you support Born Noir, you are celebrating you and supporting our communities!

Visit the website to purchase designs or contact me for inquiries on custom faux nail sets! A portion of your purchase will be donated to organizations committed to racial and gender justice. 

Let’s create, inspire and change the world together. Join the tribe & subscribe!

Love you all! Looking forward to this journey together!

Xo Keesha