Nailed It! Getting the Perfect Manicure at Home!

by Keesha Clark / Nov 05, 2023
Nailed It! Getting the Perfect Manicure at Home!

Are you tired of scheduling salon appointments and looking for a way to achieve the perfect manicure right in the comfort of your home? Look no further! We've got you covered with some expert tips to help you nail that flawless manicure every time.


Prep Like a Pro

Start by removing any old nail polish and gently shape your nails with a file. Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orange stick. Clean hands and nails thoroughly, and you're all set for a fresh canvas.


Invest in Quality Tools

High-quality tools can make a world of difference. Ensure you have a good set of nail clippers, a file, a buffer, and, of course, your favorite Born Noir vegan nail polish. Don't forget a base coat and a top coat for a longer-lasting finish.

Choose the Right Shade

Picking the perfect nail polish color is crucial. Consider your skin tone, the season, and the occasion. If you're in doubt, classic reds or neutrals are safe choices.

Apply Thin Coats

When applying nail polish, remember the golden rule: thin coats are better than thick ones. Start with a base coat, then apply your chosen color in two thin layers, allowing each to dry completely. Finish with a top coat to seal the deal.


Be Patient

Waiting for each layer to dry is the key to a flawless finish. Rushing the process can lead to smudging and imperfections. Use this time to relax and pamper yourself with a good book or some music.


Cleanup and Moisturize

If you accidentally paint outside the lines, don't worry! A small brush dipped in nail polish remover can clean up any mistakes. Once your manicure is complete, treat your hands and cuticles to a rich moisturizer to keep them soft and healthy.

Protect Your Manicure

To make your manicure last, avoid exposing your nails to harsh chemicals, wear gloves when doing chores, and be gentle with your hands.


With these tips in your toolkit, you can confidently achieve the perfect manicure at home. Experiment with colors, get creative with nail art, and enjoy the satisfaction of beautifully polished nails on your own terms. Happy manicuring!